What to expect

Whenever we meet, we gather around God’s Presence.  Whether it’s a Sunday worship service, a home group, or a special

event, we hope that you and your family will encounter Holy Spirit, receive sound Biblical teaching, and find meaningful friendships and community.

Who We Are

We are a spiritual family (that is multi-cultural & multi-generational)  that loves God & one another. We host & minister God's presence & Kingdom life to each other, our town, region & world for kingdom transformation & advancement.

 We govern under a family model and are both a local church and an Apostolic Training/Equipping/Resource Center (Eph 4); meaning that we do all the regular church things: a Sunday morning service, support ministries, attend small Bible study, prayer and discipleship groups – while functioning with five-fold ministry, Kingdom partnerships, itinerant missions, regional equipping, and working with local businesses, city leaders, and non-profits to bless our community and transform our region.


Founded in 1923 - by circuit-riders, meeting in a railcar - formerly named ‘First Baptist Church of Limon’ (affiliated with American Baptist Church’s, USA)

2004 - name change - ‘Life In Christ Church’ - as a result of breaking affiliation with ABC & becoming a non-denominational body of believers.

2015 - name change -  ‘Lighthouse Worship Center’ to symbolize that we continue to stand & shine through the storms.

Lighthouse Worship Center | Worship Center in Limon | 630 E Ave., Limon Co, 80828 | 1-719-775-2182

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