Our vision is worldwide revival and regional transformation through empowering people in the power of the Holy Spirit, their identity in Christ, and the outward lifestyle of Jesus.


Our mission is to be a spiritual family experiencing God’s Presence, leading to personal transformation and learning how to

fully walk in the lifestyle of Jesus.

To bless our town, region & the world.  We want to spread love to everyone who lives here because we want Limon and all

those who enter to experience the Love of God and to experience what Jesus is doing.

Jesus says, “as I have been sent, so I send you…”  The church is here to follow and to be sent.

“Go and make disciples, and declare the kingdom of God is come”

We equip & empower individuals to ‘go’ into their spheres of influence (family, government, education, business, religion,

arts/entertainment, media) to bring transformation of the kingdom of God.

L – Life-giving Leadership & Loving relationships

 – Intimacy & Identity

– Freedom & Fullness

E – Equipping & Empowering people to Expand the Kingdom

God’s Presence is our highest value.

When His presence is honored, LIFE happens:

To love and disciple people of “all nations and tribes” to maturity in Christ Jesus; to see lives transformed as our hearts and

minds are changed by the Love of God.

To host the presence of God releasing revelation and understanding of who we truly are in Jesus – who Heavenly Father has

uniquely created us to be… encouraging a lifestyle of “Sonship”.

To teach and disciple in Kingdom Identity, Purpose, and Destiny through God’s infallible Word of Truth; in wisdom,

discernment; and revelation of Holy Spirit; and the amazing life lessons of Jesus Christ.

...On Earth as it is in Heaven...

We desire Kingdom revival...a people experiencing God's presence, leading to personal transformation and learning how to

fully embody and walk in the lifestyle of Jesus, resulting in local, regional, and global expansion of God's Kingdom. 

Our mission is to be a family of believers that love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength; to love our

neighbors as ourselves.

We participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by fulfilling the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-

40) & the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and by a commitment to the practices of the New Testament Church in

Ephesians 4, Acts 1:8, 2 Peter 3:9.


We are after God's presence, and endeavor for ministries that attract and impart the manifest presence of God. This presence

becomes the life flow that changes lives and release Heaven's blueprints and the gospel with power.

We are being called to a position of greater influence & impact for His glory in all ‘the 7 mountains’ that influence society;  -

Religion - Family - Education - Government - Media - Arts & Entertainment - Business. 

We are seeking the Kingdom & Glory of God, “on earth as it is in Heaven”, and we envision that all our people will be

equipped to preach and model the good news of the Kingdom of God by sharing about Jesus, ministering God's love, and

demonstrating the works of Jesus Christ to save, heal and deliver in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.  

We train & equip His people to step into a place of empowerment to know how to activate and walk in the authority that has

already been established. 


Lighthouse Worship Center | Worship Center in Limon | 630 E Ave., Limon Co, 80828 | +1-719-775-2182

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